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18 October 2007 @ 05:43 pm
Feelings of the Past  

Lucifer: *sighs a bit, deep in thought*

Lucifer: It's been a while since I last heard from him...

Lucian: ...Lucifer-sama has been so quiet lately. He's always in deep thought and has blocked off his thoughts from me. He's keeping something from me...

Lucifer: *finally notices the other* Lucian...
Lucian: *looks away*

Lucifer: *moves over to the smaller demon* What is it?
Lucian: It just hurts to see you so depressed lately...especially since you won't talk to me about it.

Lucifer: *frowns* I was hoping you wouldn't notice...
Lucian: How could I not? Your eyes are blue. They're only like that when you're being especially emotional.

Lucifer: Are they? I didn't even notice they had done that...ah, like usual, you know me too well for me to hide anything.

Lucian: ....Lucifer-sama...you've been talking to Micheal behind my back, haven't you?
Lucifer: ....
Lucian: Why...? After all he's done...

Lucifer: Lucian...*reaches his hand out* I'm sorry...I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to be upset. My dear Lucian...you know you'll always be so important to me.
Lucian: ....*sighs sadly* But not as important as Michael.
Lucifer: Lucian...don't say that...

Lucifer: I'm sorry, Lucian. I don't mean to hurt you like this. But it's not so simple. I can't let go of Michael. He's my twin brother, after all.
Lucian: I know...
Lucifer: *sighs, at a loss of waht to say, silently leaves*

Dietrich: So that's why his eyes change color. Hmm.

Lucian: Dietrich...? (Where did he come from? I didn't sense his prescense at all...) How long have you been there?
Dietrich: Oh, not long. Just long enough to watch you two fight.
Lucian: >_< We weren't fighting.

Dietrich: So why are you so moody anyways?
Lucian: ...

Dietrich: And why do you hate this Michael guy so much? I'm guessing this is the Archangel one we're talking about. I mean, yeah, he's an angel and I guess you don't like them much but weren't you also an angel once?
Lucian: ...
Dietrich: *sigh* I see, once again you refuse to talk about it. *wanders off*

Lucian: ...It's not that simple for me either, Lucifer-sama.

Dietrich: Hey BigMan Luci, why does Lucian hate this brother of yours so much?
Lucifer: ...Ah, so you've noticed that, have you?

Lucifer: Michael is my twin brother and we were always extremly close. Yet he was also the one who was given the order to banish me from Heaven. But there's more to it than just that.

Lucifer: God gave me an ability that no other angel had. The ability to create angels just like the Creator himself does. So Lucian is special in that sense. He was not born from the Creator like the other angels were. I created him from my blood. But before I created him, Michael was the only one to share that blood. So Michael was always resentful of Lucian for this. They never got along and have always been jealous of each other over my attention. There's more to it than that but Lucian would not like me telling you about his past without his permission.

Dietrich: I see. And you've been talking to Michael in secret lately, which is why he's so upset.
Lucifer: Yes...he doesn't seem to want to talk to me either. Though perhaps he would feel better if he talked to his servant, Cerenus.
Dietrich: Ah yeah, Julian may help a bit. I certainly don't want him to be moody forever. I mean, er, not that I care or anything...but >>;;
Lucifer: *smirks*

End (for now)


The little imp (XP) in his new bathrobe. He's been so bad lately. >>;

And two "father/son" pictures.

Cannot grab lasers with my psychokenesismana_blue_rose on October 18th, 2007 10:45 pm (UTC)
D'awww the Lucifer and Lucien photos at the end are so touching ;o;!!!!

I really like this photostory. I can't wait til we get to communicate more *O*!!! I'll start my Micheal fund soon >_> I'll get Stef to help. XD Hah...
Lyn: lucifer - dollrose_of_pain on October 18th, 2007 11:03 pm (UTC)
^_^ Glad you liked it!

And yeah, I love taking pictures of the two together. ;_;

Jes: Kyolite: hatshadow_dragonia on October 19th, 2007 02:14 am (UTC)
Dietrich was so awesome up there, for usually not wanting anything to do with those two he was pretty interested in what was going on lol.
Lyn: dietrich - gyspyrose_of_pain on October 28th, 2007 09:44 pm (UTC)
Indeed. XP I think he's gradually getting used to them being around and starting to like them....just won't admit to it. XPXP