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03 July 2013 @ 11:16 pm
Dietrich In Wonderland - Part 5  
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Dietrich and the White Rabbit successfully managed to escape the Red Palace with both of their heads still intact...

Dietrich: Phew, that was a close one! So uh, where are we going now?
White Rabbit: To the White Palace, of course!

Chapter 4 - The White King

Dietrich: ...the White Palace? Guess that explains why its suddenly white here. You guys are pretty simple when it comes to naming things.
White Rabbit: And we're here!

Dietrich: Didn't we just do this in the last scene?
White Rabbit: Don't worry, its safe here, I swear. Well...as long as you don't screw it up again. >>
Dietrich: Whatever.

The White King, former president of Wonderland.

White King: Welcome, friends!

White King: Ah, White Rabbit! Its good to see you again! I was worried about you having to work in the Red Palace and all.
White Rabbit: It is a pleasure to see you again as well, your majesty. I only wish it was under better circumstances.

White King: And this must be the fabled Alice I've heard so much about.

Dietrich: Its Die-...oh nevermind. I give up.

Dietrich: Wait, isn't that the Mad Hatter? What's he doing here?
Mad Hatter: Excuse me, but I quite belong here.

White King: The Mad Hatter is my trusted adviser and friend.

White King: ...when he manages to stay on topic, that is.

Mad Hatter: >_> I'm always on topic. Though it sometimes seems that the rest of the world is unable to understand that.
White King: Uh huh...

Dietrich: Pffft, yeah right.
White Rabbit: *giggles*

White King: So what brings you here, young travelers?
White Rabbit: We seek sanctuary.
Dietrich: Yeah, the Red King tried to take our heads off!

White King: Ahh. My brother does have a tendency for the dramatic.

Mad Hatter: Hmph, "dramatic" my ass. The bloody tyrant kicked you out of your own reign. Though not like you did much to stop him...

Dietrich: Wait, you two are brothers?
Mad Hatter: Unfortunately they are. Now then-

*POOF!* Suddenly the Cheshire Cat appeared out of thin air, shocking everyone except the White King who didn't seem all that disturbed by a magical enemy cat suddenly appearing in his throne room...
Dietrich: What the?!

Dietrich: Seriously, where the hell did you just come from?!
Cheshire Cat: Oh hello again~
Dietrich: x_x Gah!

Mad Hatter: You! How dare you come here, you traitor!

White King: Easy, Hatter. Lets hear what he has to say.

Cheshire Cat: I have a letter of invitation for the White King from his majesty the Red King.

White King: A letter huh?

Cheshire Cat: Now that's done, how about we get re-acquainted with one another. Oh and I see you brought dinner with you. How thoughtful.
White Rabbit: Eep!
Dietrich: Stay back, you! >_>

White King: An invitation to a chess match, huh?

Dietrich: You're not going to go, right? I mean your brother seems pretty crazy.

White King: It would be rude not to. And it sounds like fun.

Mad Hatter: *sighs*
White King: I haven't seen my brother in quite some time.

White King: And besides...it appears this match is over matters concerning you, little Alice. You did make my brother rather angry.

White Rabbit: He has a point. This is kinda your fault.
Dietrich: My fault?! Who's the one that took us there in the first place?
Cheshire Cat: One must not run away from his crimes. Though I think I could think of a few alternative "punishments". *grins*
Dietrich: x____x

White King: Well then, we shouldn't keep my brother waiting!

Dietrich: *sighs* I just want to go home...

To be continued...

...and I have to note that this bit was incredibly OOC in the fact that Michael and Lucian would never be that pleasant towards one another. They HATE each other. XD But in this universe they don't have the same backstory, obviously so I can get away with it.