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16 April 2013 @ 02:57 pm
Dietrich In Wonderland - Part 3  
Part 1 Part 2

Dietrich continued down the path the Cheshire Cat had shown him. Besides some rather unusual trees, the path was mostly devoid of anything. Dietrich was beginning to think that perhaps the cat had lead him astray when he suddenly came to the end of the path and was greeted with a strange sight...

Chapter Three - The Mad Tea Party

He saw some strange individuals who appeared to be having a tea party. Two of them seemed to be arguing quite loudly...
??: Ok, I'm sorry but "why is a raven like a writing desk?" is a stupid question. It just makes no sense, Hatter.
??: It might not make sense to you, you lout but it you tried to use your brain and think for a change...

Dietrich slowly approached the table. He didn't really want to talk to these strange people but saw no real alternative.
Dietrich: Um...hello?
??: Oh come on, most people aren't going to figure that out. We can't all be "geniuses" like you. And I think you don't even know the answer to it. You're just trying to be clever.
??: *twitch* I am clever. And one day I'll find someone on the same intellectual quality who will be able to have a much better conversation with me than this one!

Dietrich: AHEM!
All three heads turned in surprise at the noise.
Dietirch: ...uh...

Dietrich: ...um...

??: Welcome to the mad tea part, Alice. We've been expecting you.

Dietrich: Huh? But I didn't come here for a tea party...and my name isn't Alice!

??: Nonsense, your seat has already been prepared.
Dietrich: What seat? There's nothing...

All 3: *gesture towards the chair at the end of the table*

Dietrich: ...?

Dietrich: Well look at that. Huh. I guess I might as well...

??: Please sit down and have some tea.

Dietrich: Well I am a bit thirsty...though damn why is this tea pot so big? x_x;

??: Now that Alice is here, our tea party is truly complete.

Dietrich: My name is not Alice! Its Dietrich! Geez, why does everyone keep calling me that?!

Rabbit??: It says "Alice" on your hat.

Dietrich: ...eh?

Dietrich: *takes hat off to look*

Dietrich: It does. Huh. Well that explains a lot, at least.

??: Now that we know who you are, allow me to do the introductions. I am the Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter: This is the March Hare.
March Hare: Yo~

Mad Hatter: And this is the Dormouse.
Dormouse: ...

Dormouse: *THUMP* ...zzz...

Dietrich: Ack! What just happened? Is he alright? o_o

March Hare: Oh don't worry, he does that. *pats Dormouse on the back*

Mad Hatter: Yes, the Dormouse is quite prone to narcolepsy. Don't worry too much.

Dietrich: Um...k... *sips tea slowly*

March Hare: *pulls out a bottle* Wait wait!

March Hare: Try some of this. It improves the flavor. *grin*

Dietrich: Hell yeah! After everything I've seen, I can definitely use some of that!
March Hare: Heehee~ Here you go.

Dietrich: *sips and sighs happily* Yeah, definitely needed that.
March Hare: I know right?

March Hare: Now some for me!

March Hare: Hm, maybe you should have some too, buddy. Might help keep you awake.

Mad Hatter: Don't you dare, Hare! *glare*

March Hare: Pfft, fine fine, whatever. None for you then, Mr. Grumpy Hat.

Mad Hatter: *cough* Anyways...it appears you had something you wished to talk to us about? Perhaps having to do with the correlation between birds and furniture...?

Dietrich: Um...no. I just wanted to ask if you had seen a White Rabbit. I've been looking for her.

Mad Hatter: No, unfortunately the only rabbit around here is this idiot.
March Hare: Hey!

Mad Hatter: Though I do think I recall there being a White Rabbit on the council of the White Party before the Red Party took over...

Dietrich: The white and red what now? Well that certainly is more useful than what that damn Cheshire Cat at least.

Dormouse: *suddenly jumps up, knocking his tea cup over* Cat??!! Where??!!

March Hare: Calm down, mousey, its okay. There's no cat here!
Dormouse: *sighs in relief*

Dietrich: Oh right...mouse...guess you would have a right to be scarred of a cat. But he didn't seem that bad...well...for the most part...

Mad Hatter: *frowns* Stay away from that cat.
Dietrich: Huh?

March Hare: Yeah, the Cheshire Cat is bad news! He works for the Red Party.
Dormouse: *nodnod* And he's a meanie!

Dietrich: What exactly is the "Red Party"?
Mad Hatter: The current government that resides over Wonderland. Previously we had a democracy with the White Party in control but then the Red Party declared itself as a dictatorship and took over.
Dietrich: Wonderland? Is that what this place is called?
Mad Hatter: Of course. What else would it be?

Dietrich: You know, I'm a bit confused about something here. Why do they call you the Mad Hatter? You don't seem crazy at all and certainly seem to know what's going on around here.

Dormouse: *giggles*
March Hare: Oh, not that "mad"! No, mad as in "angry". Because he's always angry!
Dormouse: *nodnod* Mr. Grumpy!

Mad Hatter: *twitch* I am not!
March Hare: Yes you are. And you're always arguing.
Mad Hatter: I am not always arguing!
March Hare: See? You're arguing with me now even.

Mad Hatter: I'm only angry because you always manage to say something stupid.
March Hare: Oh forgive me for not being a born genius like you and not caring about the true meaning of time and space and all that mumble jumble. *rolls eyes*
Mad Hatter: But its important information!
March Hare: No its not!

Dietrich: Um...*watches them continue to argue* Now I begin to wonder if they're both just mad after all...

March Hare: Oh please! That doesn't even make any sense. Pluto was always a planet. Why change it now?
Mad Hatter: Because its not actually a planet! Scientists get things wrong all the time and discover new things. That's the glory of it all!
Dormouse: Chu. *sips his tea*

Dietrich: *sighs* Guess I'm not getting any more information out of them now.
Dormouse: You're looking for the White Rabbit yes?
Dietrich: Um yeah...

Dormouse: Blonde hair, frilly dress, runs around a lot shouting about being late?
Dietrich: Yes! That's the one!

Dormouse: Oh, you just missed her. She was here just a little bit before you came.

Dietrich: WHAT?! Why didn't anyone say anything?!

Dormouse: Oh they were too busy arguing to even notice she was there.
March Hare: But what's the point of chopsticks? Why don't they just use a spoon? Spoons make more sense.
Mad Hatter: Because that's their culture, you buffoon!

Dietrich: Yeah...I can believe that.

Dietrich: So which way did she go?
Dormouse: That way.
Dietrich: Thank you.

March Hare: But french fries aren't even French! Why call them that?
Mad Hatter: It refers to the way they're made, not who makes them, of course!
Dietrich: *sighs* There wasn't enough alcohol in that drink...

To be continued...

And that was the longest photostory I've EVER done. @_@ 60 photos! wtf, man! lol And I even had originally intended for more to happen in this scene. *falls over*
*~ Science Patrol: Officer 001 ~*: Kaoru rockstar_no_koi on April 16th, 2013 11:21 pm (UTC)
I love the outfits! So awesome! lmao I like when he's like "yo" hahaha I pictured Shuya XDDDD
fallen_arcadia: Urielfallen_arcadia on April 17th, 2013 02:26 am (UTC)
Haha! XD I bet Shuya and Uriel would get along great too.