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10 March 2013 @ 06:31 pm
Dietrich In Wonderland - Part 1  

This is the story of Alice...

Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice sat outside against a large tree on a particularly warm sunny day. She was-

Dietrich: Ahem!
Dietrich: Hey you! Yes, you!

Dietrich: The name is Dietrich, not Alice. And I'm not a "she".
Oh. Um...I'm dreadfully sorry.
Dietrich: You better be. Now lets try this again, k?

Alice Dietrich sat outside against a large tree on a particularly warm sunny day. He was growing quite bored of his book though for it had no pictures or conversations.

Dietrich: Pffft, who cares about "pictures or conversations". This book is completely blank!

Dietrich: *sighs*
Dietrich sighed.
Dietrich: Really?
And then he heard a peculiar noise.

Dietrich: Huh, I actually do hear a peculiar noise. I wonder what that might be.

It was the sound of tiny heels clicking away in a hurry.

He looked up and saw an unusual sight.

Dietrich: Is that...a rabbit?

White Rabbit: Oh dear! Oh my!

The rabbit seemed to be quite frantic and distraught.
Dietrich: Well that's certainly more interesting than blank books.

White Rabbit: Oh dear, what time is it?
She pulled out a large pocket watch.

White Rabbit: Eeeeeek! I'm late! I'm late!
And then she quickly ran away.

Dietrich: Hm, how curious.
Having certainly nothing better to do, he decided to follow her.

He followed her to a very large tree, even bigger than the one he had been resting against. The rabbit never noticed him, being too concerned with whatever she was late to.

White Rabbit: Now where was that door again...

White Rabbit: Ah, here it is!

Dietrich: Hey, where did she go? I don't see any door here. Just this big hole in the ground.

Dietrich: Huh, what's this on the ground?

Dietrich: It's that girl's watch. She must have dropped it.

Dietrich: I guess she must have gone down this hole. I wonder where it goes...

Dietrich carefully leaned closer to the hole.
Dietrich: Hello? Hey bunny girl! You forgot this. ... Can you hear me down there? Hey!

But he wasn't careful enough and tripped over a branch.

Dietrich: Are you f'ing kidding me??!!
And down the rabbit hole did Dietrich fall.

To be continued...
Alyceofthelily on March 13th, 2013 05:44 pm (UTC)
super super super cute! I can't wait to see who is going to show up as who. This is a great little aside from your main story.