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16 November 2012 @ 09:42 pm
Heaven: Incoming  

Just an average day in Heaven...

Raphael is hard at work.

And Gabriel is there to "help".

Gabriel: *blinks as a feather falls on his drawings* Hm?

Raphael: ... *stops writing* ...3...2...1...

??: *lands on Raphael's desk*

??: Whoo! Another perfect landing!

Raphael: Perfect?! You crashed through the ceiling of my office...again.

Raphael: Uriel, how many times do I have to tell you to just use the door?

Gabriel: Uri~!

Uriel: GabGab my man! How's it hanging?
Raphael: Uriel...get off my desk.

Uriel: *ignores him and scoots forward, nearly hitting Raphael in the face with his wing*
Raphael: Ack!

Raphael: Uriel! >_>

Uriel: Hm?
Raphael: Watch your wings.
Uriel: Oh! Hahaha, sorry about that!

Uriel: Better?
Raphael: ...better.

Gabriel: *tackle* Welcome home, Uri!
Uriel: Woah! *laughs* Good to see you too, Gab.

Uriel: Good to know at least someone cares that I'm back. *sticks his tongue out at Raphael*

Raphael: *rolls his eyes* Oh yes, welcome back from sneaking out of Heaven without permission, in order to break just about every rule of Heaven in a time of debauchery on Earth. If it wasn't for your Archangel status, you'd probably be classified as a rogue by now...or worse.

Uriel: *gulp* Er, well, that is I...um...oh come on! I'm not that bad. Debauchery? Really? My strolls are harmless, I swear!

Gabriel: *imitating Raphael's pose and tone* Debauchery!

Uriel: Hey pipsqueak! Aren't you supposed to be on my side?

Gabriel: Hmm. That depends. Did you bring gifts?
Uriel: Duh, of course!

Gabriel: Raphie! How dare you accuse Uriel of such sins! Shame on you.
Raphael: *sighs* You two...

Gabriel: Ok? Gifts. Now.
Uriel: *smirks* Dropped them off in your room before I came here.

Gabriel: Huzzah! *runs off*

Uriel: Is he really older than me?
Raphael: *smiles fondly as he watches Gabriel run off*

Raphael: Uriel.
Uriel: Hm?
Raphael: Get off my desk. Now.
Uriel: Oh. ^^;; Right. *hops off*

Raphael: *sighs* So much for getting work done...