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13 September 2012 @ 11:01 pm
Gabriel's "Therapy"  

The Archangels have long since been established as the leaders among the angels. Besides their own individual duties, they also have the responsibility of governing to the citizens of Heaven. Just like on Earth, this requires the occasional public appearance and speech in front of the congregation. This always falls to the eldest two.

Raphael has the gift of speech and so it is mainly his words that they hear. He is a master of this art and knows just how to work a crowd.

Though it is Michael that the angels look up to. For he is the one appointed their commander and is the oldest one of them all. Raphael knows this and relies on his brother's presence to ease their people's hearts.

Raphael: *whispers* That's your cue, brother. Speak to them.
Michael: ...oh. Right. Sorry...

And even though it is his mouth that moves, it is still Raphael's words they hear. For Michael really is just a figure of power. It is Raphael that really controls Heaven and guides his older brother, who obediently listens, believing he is not wise enough to lead on his own.

And this has worked well for them for hundreds of years. Because Michael is seen as strong and confident yet kind and gentle. Everyone in Heaven loves him and do not hesitate to obey his command.

Raphael knows this and continues to use it to his advantage. It has been this way ever since Lucifer fell and he intends to keep it that way.
Raphael: Good job, Michael. You spoke well today. Now I must go and take care of my work for the day.
Michael: *nods* I'll see you later, Raph...

But in reality, Michael does not feel like the confident figure he portrays. He doubts himself and spends many of his days in solitude when he's not training the other warriors.

Because something still doesn't feel right to him. Before the fall, he made these appearances with his twin at his side. Lucifer was always much better at him at speaking in front of others. And his speeches were never rehearsed. Michael found it much easier to speak on his own back then because he had his other half there with him. It just came naturally. Now...it just isn't the same.

Michael: ... *sighs*

Michael: ...huh? Was that there before?
Michael: *shrugs and turns back*

Michael: *blinks* ...isn't this that strange Earth drink?

Michael: //...I think I know who's responsible for this now.//

Gabriel: Sooooo did it work?
Michael: //Thought so.//

Michael: Did what work?
Gabriel: Hmmm... *stares*
Michael: Gabriel?

Michael: Wait, where are you going?

Michael: What is he up to now?

Michael: ...oh boy.

Gabriel: Hmmm. It's still not working, huh? Ok then...

Gabriel: Here!
Michael: Um...thank you? But why are you giving me these?

Gabriel: Because these are things that make me happy! So they should cheer you up, right?

Michael: I appreciate the sentiment, Gabriel. But I assure you I'm-

Michael: ...fine?

Gabriel: There! That's better, isn't it?

Gabriel: Though I thought the cake would have worked. I mean that always makes me instantly better!

Gabriel: Sure you don't want any?
Michael: *gathers up the collection of stuff and puts it aside* Gabi...you don't need to keep bringing me your toys.

Michael: I already told you. I'm fine, really. I don't need to be cheered up.

Gabriel: *suddenly serious* Liar. You're really not okay at all.
Michael: ...eh?

Gabriel: Your heart is crying out for something that cannot be anymore. It has been centuries yet you never really healed. But you cannot continue like this forever.

Gabriel: *voice becomes void of his usual cheerful tone* For there are darker times on the horizon...

Michael: Darker times? What do you mean...?

Gabriel: So you better cheer up! Or else!
Michael: Or else...?

Gabriel: Grrrr!
Michael: Uh what?

Gabriel: *pouts* GRRRRRR!!
Michael: Uh, right... //What is that anyways?//

Michael: *laughs* Alright, I promise I'll try to be less gloomy. And you did help cheer me up, Gabriel. So no need for Mr. Monster, okay?

Gabriel: VICTORY~! *runs off*

Michael: *watches him run off, laughing still* I swear that boy can be so strange at times.

Michael: *frowns* But what did he mean?

So yeah, I updated the doll profiles a while back. Not sure if anyone actually looks at those but I guess I should point out about now that Gabriel is basically the seer and empath of the group. He has visions and knows more than he lets on. And he's very good at reading other people. His whole tendency to still act like a child is to help him deal with it. ...yeah I know, that's A LOT like Metatron in Angel Sanctuary. XD; Except Meta actually does have the brain of a child and my Gab is actually pretty smart. He just chose to act this way on purpose.

...and yes I have like a million nicknames for Gabriel. XD You'll hear the worst once Uriel finally shows up. Who should be here...any day now. *taps fingers impatiently*