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15 June 2012 @ 11:50 pm
The Past Part 3 - Gabriel  
Much time has passed since the third Archangel, Raphael, was born.

The older twins raised their younger brother to be their equal and now Raphael shines just as brightly. While their creator still has spoken little to them, he has given them small bits of knowledge and occasional gifts, such as the elegant garments that have now replaced their simple robes.

The bond between Lucifer and Michael has grown even stronger in this time.

But that does not set well for the younger angel...

Despite knowing that he is just as strong and beautiful as his brothers, Raphael cannot help but feel like a stranger around his brothers. He knows that no matter what they say, that he is different than they are. He cannot share in the bond that only twins can feel.

Michael: *turns, realizing their younger brother has fallen behind* Raphael!
Raphael: Hm?
Michael: What are you doing over there by yourself? Lucifer and I are going to attend to the gardens.
Raphael: ...ah.

Michael: Stop being so gloomy and come join us, brother. Help us expand the gardens and bring more life to this empty world of ours.
Raphael: ... *can't help but blush a little at Michael's touch*

Raphael: *reluctantly pulls away* What's the point? It is the same thing every day. Even if we make the land more colorful, it still remains empty.

Michael: *frowns* Do not think that way, Raph. Our Father will surely eventually reveal all. It is only a matter of time. This will help ease the wait.

Raphael: Yes, yes, I know. But I'd rather not dwell in the shadows of you two the whole time. *gaze lingers past Michael to stare hard at the oldest twin*
Michael: Eh? What do you mean?
Lucifer: *sighs, having noticed the poised look in his direction*

Lucifer: I know you and I had a rough start and that you don't trust me as much as you do Michael. I know I'm not as good with emotions as he is but do believe me when I say I love you just as much, little brother and that I do not want my presence to bother you.

Raphael: Worry not, brother. I do not doubt that. I simply do not take pleasure in the same activities as you two.

Raphael: Now if you'll excuse me, I wish to have a walk alone today.
Michael: Raph, wait!

Lucifer: Let him go.
Michael: But...

Lucifer: I think he needs to be alone right now. He is no longer a child and we have already taught him everything we know. Perhaps its time for him to find his own path as I sense Father has a different plan for him than us.
Michael: *sighs* I hope you're right...

Raphael was born with a lust of knowledge and has not been able to be content with life like Michael is. Instead he wishes to seek out any information he can by exploring this vast world of white. But today he cannot focus on this task as his own inner turmoil has occupied his mind...
Raphael: I do not understand how the two of them cannot see how different I am from them. Why they refuse to acknowledge what is front of them and try to act as if I am their equal. Even the clothes which Father has given me differ greatly in design from theirs. They do not understand how truly alone I am...

Raphael: Huh? What's this?

Raphael: Feathers? But none of us have flown over this area in days and there are too many to be remains of past flights. Besides, these look too small...*looks around*

Raphael: ... *gasps in disbelief*

A small sleeping angel lay amidst the feathers. Raphael remembers little from his own birth but has heard enough about it from his brothers to understand what this means.

Raphael: *shouts as loud as he can* Michael! Lucifer! Come quick!

Raphael: *turns back to the tiny form* I...uh...what do I do now? //He's so much smaller though. Is he really one of us?//

Michael: *panting slightly, having rushed over as soon as he heard the distress in Raphael's voice* Raphael, what's wrong?! We came as fast as we could. Are you hurt?

Lucifer: Shh.
Michael: Wha-?
Lucifer: *points, keeping his voice quiet* Look there.

Michael: ...oh. Oh!
Lucifer: Shh, we don't want to frighten him like last time.
Michael: Ahem, as I recall you were the only one that frightened anyone.
Lucifer: ...you're never going to let that go, are you?

Rapahel: Look, he's waking up!
??: ...mm?

??: *sits up slowly, starring at his strange surroundings with big wide eyes*

Lucifer: He's...really small. Is he supposed to be that small?
Michael: Shh! Didn't you say we should be quiet?

Raphael: Don't be afraid, little one. You are safe here.

??: *slowly leans forward, pointing a shaking finger at Raphael's face, a frown on his face* ...off.
Raphael: Eh? Off?
Michael: I think he means your glasses. Take them off, they're probably confusing him. And your hood for that matter. He can't see your face clearly.

Raphael: Oh! *takes both off quickly* I'm sorry, is that better?

??: *grabs*
Raphael: Hey! What are you doing?

??: *puts the over-sized glasses on, starring up at Raphael*

Michael: *trying to hold back laughter, not wanting to scare the young angel*
Lucifer: *smirks* Looks like he's trying to impersonate you. I don't know why you wear those silly things anyways. They serve no purpose for you.

Raphael: *feeling a bit flustered and embarrassed* Would you two stop it... Father gave them to me, for what reason I do not know, but I intend to continue to wear them.

??: *crosses his arms and speaks in a quiet yet serious tone* "They do not understand how truly alone I am..."

Raphael: ...eh? //Did he hear what I said earlier? But how? He hadn't awakened yet...//
Michael: *stops laughing* What did he just say?

??: *points* You. Raphael. Raphael is alone.

??: *lunges forward in order to wrap his arms tightly around Raphael*
Raphael: Wha?

??: *shakes head* No. Not alone. Gabriel is here.
Raphael: *shocked speechless for a moment*

Raphael: ...Gabriel huh? *gently removes glasses*

Gabriel: *smiles*

Raphael: ...yes. Yes, you're right. Not alone. Not anymore...

And thus the three became four. But despite the happy occasion...

The eldest couldn't help but feel like something was strange about this new addition to their family. And not just because of his small size. All of them had taken far much longer to develop such understanding of that around them. And yet Gabriel already knew Raphael's name without any of them mentioning it and seemed to know what the middle sibling's thoughts had been dwelling on moments before he came into existence.

Despite the childlike nature of this angel, there seemed to be a depth of understanding in his eyes, especially as Gabriel looked straight at him and the sensation sent a strange chill down Lucifer's spine.

To be continued...

So I know I started doing these on their birthdays but if I kept doing that, I wouldn't have been able to do this part until October. O_o; And as I hope to get the fifth and last Archangel sometime before that, I then wouldn't have been able to do his part until his birthday NEXT year. Soo yeeeeaaah. XD

Also I realize that Raphael have glasses now is kinda pointless as books and writing doesn't even exist yet. XD But its part of his look and he doesn't even need them. His eyesight is fine. Its just a silly little quirk because I like the way they make him look. And I consider this shoot a big stepping stone for me as it really helped me figure some things out, mainly get more understanding Gabriel's character as I think he's starting to finally talk to me. To be honest I was getting worried that I had made a mistake as I couldn't figure out his character as easily as the others and was beginning to think that maybe I should have made him an SD after all. But it all worked out and I'm starting to love him just as much as the others. ^^ So no worries.

Oh and I don't know if anyone cares but I did finally add Raphael and Gabriel to the profiles in my userinfo.