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28 January 2012 @ 12:17 am
Its Dietrich's 6th birthday~! And in honor of it, I'm finally doing this part of the story I've had planned for years. Be warned though, its by far my longest photostory ever (at a total of 53 photos).

Dietrich: ...I can't stop thinking about that place I saw in the mirror.

Dietrich: It felt so familiar to me but I don't know why...and then there were those dreams...I hate not knowing who I really am...

Dietrich: *sighs* I wish Lucian would tell me something but he's been avoiding me all this time. He rarely even comes home.
???: ...Dietrich...

Dietrich: Wha?! Who's there? Lucian?

Dietrich: ...No one?

Dietrich: Well that was weird.
???: ...hear me...

Dietrich: Ok I know I heard something that time! Where's it coming from?
???: ...here...

Dietrich: Huh? Who are you?
???: ...I am you...
Dietrich: ?!

Dietrich: Ow, my head...not again...
...wake up...

Meanwhile...elsewhere in Hell...

Lucian: *closes the seal to Elysion behind him, having just retrieved several new souls*

Lucian: That should be enough for now to make up for all these years...I hope that pleases you...

Lucian: Lord Lucifer...
Lucifer: Hello Lucian. You certainly have been busy lately. Is something troubling you?

Lucian: Troubling me? I'm merely performing the task you gave me.

Lucifer: But I see that blood on your scythe. Its not like you to rush contracts like that. Now tell me what's wrong.

Lucian: ...nothing is wrong, my lord.

Lucifer: You know you can't lie to me. I can feel your emotions and they seem quite intense right now.

Lucian: I know...but it's nothing worth bothering you. Please do not worry about it.

Lucifer: Its about your princess, isn't it? He's starting to remember.

Lucian: *sighs* ...yes. It will be quite the annoyance dealing with it.

Lucifer: You care a lot about this soul don't you? Of all the ones I've let you play with, you've never let one stay in your quarters as much as this one.
Lucian: *shrugs* He's good for relieving stress. That's all...

Lucifer: Is that so? Perhaps I should ask for this soul back? After all, her majesty was quite fun before she decided to throw her tantrum at me.

Lucian: ! You wouldn't...

Lucifer: See? You do care.
Lucian: ...
Lucifer: Relax. I have no interest in her anymore. Getting her soul back was more a matter of pride and the need for her power on our side. I have no desire to deal with the ice bitch this time around.

Lucifer: But your princess is quite different, isn't he? But that might change once he fully remembers everything. Are you sure you can handle dealing with that?

Lucian: I'll be fine. Like I said, it doesn't really matter to me... *walks back to his quarters*

Lucifer: ...*sighs* Oh Lucian, you certainly never like to admit to your own feelings, do you? Though it does make me happy to finally see you interested in someone. I just hope you don't let yourself get hurt from it.

Lucian reluctantly enters his quarters, to find a chill in the air...

Lucian: ...

Lucian: I see you are finally awake...Nephelina.

Dietrich?: Hello, Mephistopheles.

Dietrich?: I must admit, I am a little surprised it was you this time. Your methods may have been different but you tricked me all the same. Like father, like son, I suppose.

Dietrich?: You took advantage of the fact that my soul was reborn without its memories intact. The whole point of giving my soul a human body was so I would be hidden from you demons while I recovered from my spirit's escape from your realm. But this backfired because my servants didn't realize how long it takes a human to mature and thus you were able to find me first. And when my servants tried to retrieve me...

Lucian: ...I made sure they wouldn't get near you, yes. I kept close to you by means of your human father in order to keep all your pesky snow minions away. Though I didn't expect Heaven to get involved as well. Ruining their plan just ended up being an extra bonus.

Dietrich?: And you took advantage of me being stuck in this weak human form. You purposely made sure the contract was complete before I regained my powers because you knew I'd never agree to a contract again and you'd lose your chance to ever regain my soul in your collection.

Dietrich?: You...you scheming little bastard! You had the nerve to trick me like that. You're no better than your egotistical master.

Lucian: Shout as much as you like but your powers can't do me any harm now. You belong to me whether you like it or not.

Dietrich?: Hmph, so it would seem. *sighs* Not much I can do about that, though.

Dietrich?: I must admit though, living as a human wasn't that bad so I can't be too angry at my servants for their decision. I can't blame them for this mess either. It was my fault for getting curious and believing that demon in the first place.

Dietrich?: ...and why are you starring at me like that?
Lucian: You're...not angry? When you realized Lord Lucifer had tricked you, he had to seal you away in Elysion to stop your rage from destroying things. I was...expecting the same to happen, except perhaps worse considering the situation.

Dietrich?: ...

Lucian: Nephelina...?

Dietrich: Its still Dietrich, moron.

Lucian: Die? But I thought...
Dietrich: That I would just disappear and she'd just take over?
Lucian: Well...yes...

Dietrich: Well I actually really like this form.

Dietrich: And besides, as much as I love that hair, its such a hassle to handle. At least with this, I won't have to worry about tripping over it.

Dietrich: *plops down on the bed* But to answer your question...yes, I am quite angry. You lied to me, tricked me, used my father and let him die just to get me, and then imprisoned me.

Dietrich: But its not like there's much I can do about it now. I know one of the reasons you're keeping me here instead of in Elysion is so you can keep a closer guard on me. And I've already tried calling out to my forces and I noticed you've doubled the barrier here just to make sure I can't get out this time around. So its quite unlikely I'll be able to just escape again.
Lucian: You're quite right. We aren't taking any chances with you.
Dietrich: I don't think I could if I tried anyways. It took way too much of power to do so the first time.

Dietrich: Everything's still a bit jumbled up in my head though. I remember things but it's all really strange...like I'm two different people at once. And despite the fact that I existed for hundreds of years as an immortal and only a tiny few years as a mortal...it seems to have had quite the effect on me. I've felt and experienced things that were so different from my life before. Its a bit hard to go back.

Dietrich: And on top of all of that, for some stupid reason, despite everything you've done...I still like you...a lot...

Lucian: Die...
Dietrich: So you were scared that I'd really be gone, huh? That's why you kept being so distant lately, wasn't it?

Lucian: ...*looks away awkwardly*
Dietrich: Ha! I knew it! You did! You are such an idiot, I swear.

Dietrich: There's no way you'd get rid of me that easily! Dietrich is definitely here to stay.
Lucian: Good. Because I don't think I could have dealt with the old Nephelina for the rest of eternity.
Dietrich: Hey, I wasn't that bad!
Lucian: ...yes you were.

Lucian: Though I wouldn't mind seeing you with that hair again. It looked rather nice on you.
Dietrich: Hmm, maybe if you're good, I'll let you see it again. Maybe.
Lucian: ...do I need to remind you who belongs to who here?
Dietrich: Whatever.

Lucian: So...you really don't hate me?
Dietrich: No, I do. Just not as much.
Lucian: You aren't going to try to freeze me in my sleep are you?
Dietrich: I make no promises on that one.


OMG long photostory is looooong! @_@ And its no longer even Die's b-day now that I've finished it. Pffft. I even took the actual photos the day before. But I've been trying to do other things and had work and been all sorts of out of it, so that's why it took so long. Blaaaaah. I hope the story itself makes sense at least. O_o

But here are a few extra shots of Snow Queen Nephelina-Dietrich XD

I was originally going to have this new wig be his permanent wig but then I was able to revive his old wig after all and also realized this wig is like way too long to have on him all the time. XD It really is gorgeous though~ I was a little fearful of the length at firs but its not that bad. And I finally finished that outfit. XD For the most part at least. There are still some things I'm considering adding to it but at the same time, don't want to put too much on. I know you can't tell from the photos, but the sash/"obi" is actually the same snowflake fabric as the cloak and I did a gradient spray on it so there's actually specks of white still showing through periodically on it and it actually makes the silver snowflakes shine even more. Its pretty cool but you can only see those details in person.
Alyceofthelily on January 28th, 2012 01:51 pm (UTC)
Lovely i am glad to see that we dont loose die completely i am curious as to what happens next in the story since that was a major plot point where does it go now.
fallen_arcadia: Dietrichfallen_arcadia on March 2nd, 2012 12:19 am (UTC)
Of course~ I couldn't heart with Die's personality disappearing. He's too headstrong to let that happen. XD

...and I'm not sure myself where it will go next. Haha! Still figuring that part out.
fushigi_desufushigi_desu on January 28th, 2012 03:32 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday Die1 It's the moment we've all been waiting for! *_* Can't wait to see what happens next!
fallen_arcadia: Dietrichfallen_arcadia on March 2nd, 2012 12:20 am (UTC)
Indeed! I've had this part plotted out for over a year now (maybe 2?) but it ended up changing a lot over that time. XD
Cannot grab lasers with my psychokenesismana_blue_rose on March 2nd, 2012 12:09 am (UTC)
Omg, Die's new outfit is really pretty :D I can't believe he's already six! That's like 50 in doll years. Excited for more story. Yay for sexy Luci~!
fallen_arcadia: Dietrichfallen_arcadia on March 2nd, 2012 12:21 am (UTC)
Thank you~ ^^ Made it myself. Though its not really "new". I actually made most of it a year ago. Just didn't finish it until recently and wasn't able to actually use it in the story til now. And lol at the doll years comment. XD Yeah my boy is old~