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12 January 2012 @ 11:21 pm
Mirror, Mirror  

Dietrich: ... *reading*

Die: *closes book* And they all died! Really? Well wasn't that shocking. Just like the last five books I read.

Die: *toss*

Die: Does Lucian own ANY books with an actual happy ending? Ugh, its only been a few months here and I'm already running out of things to do. How am I supposed to spend all of eternity here or whatever when there's nothing to do?

Die: *looks around* There's gotta be something I haven't poked at yet...

Die: Hmm...there's that thing Lucian told me not to touch. >>

Die: *stares* Shiny...

Die: Of course telling me not to do something is like an open invitation for me to do it. He should know that by now. Hee~
(Note: Yeah, ok, so it probably doesn't make much sense as to why Die hasn't poked this yet when it appears to be so close to the bed in the room. BUT I actually meant for this to be in a much farther part of the room. I just have space limitations when working with dolls, obviously. XD So just pretend Lucian's room is A LOT bigger and that this was actually on the completely opposite side. ...work with me here, lol)

Die: *pokes* I wonder what it actually does. Is it going to talk to me and tell me I'm the fairest one of all? 'Cause I already know that. *waits* ... Its not doing anything, is it?

Die: *sighs* Well that was disappointing. Its just a normal mirr- Wait, what's that?

Die: *blinkblink* Is that Arcadia? Huh, so that's how he spies on everyone so easily. Lucian's such a creepy stalker.

Die: Huh? Why's the image changing?

Die: Ow...my head hurts...

Die: Seems...familiar...ugh...so...dizzy...

Die: ... *slump*
(I should really do a count of how many times Die passes out in this story XD)


Lucian: Ugh, that was a longer night than expected. This current client is annoying. Keeps asking for dates. I really need to find a way to hide the whole "Mephistopheles do my bidding" part of the contract. Because going to a club with that many stinking humans and having to pretend I actually like the girl is absolutely humiliating.

Lucian: I'm a demon, not an escort. I take souls. I don't dance. Ugh, I swear Lord Lucifer gave me this one just to torture me.

Lucian: And speaking of torture...now its time to hear yet another complaint from the Princess, I'm sure. Lets see what it is this time. I really hope he didn't try to redecorate again. I'm still finding random peacock feathers in the room...and I don't even know where he got them to begin with.

Lucian: ...? Why do I not hear any whining? Die?

Lucian: ...!

Lucian: *rushes over* Die? Hmm...his skin temperature and his aura...that means...

Lucian: ...shit. I should of known he wouldn't listen.

A little while later...

Lucian: *sighs* He must be having rather unpleasant dreams...she must be starting to awaken.

Lucian: Well, it was only a matter of time anyways.

Lucian: Hm, Hamlet huh? No wonder he threw this one on the floor. The prince dies in the end, after all.

Die: *slowly wakes up* ...mm?

Die: Woah! When did...how...? Did I...?

Lucian: Good to see you awake. You were having quite the intense dream there.
Die: Yes...it was...it was a very sad dream but I can't seem to quite remember it...but why is the bed frozen?
Lucian: You must have been lashing out in reaction to it.

Die: But why? I know I don't have complete control over it yet but I've at least always been aware of it before.

Lucian: You touched the mirror, didn't you?
Die: Oh...yeah...um...sorry.
Lucian: *sighs* You never listen.
Die: But what is it, anyways?

Lucian: As I'm sure you figured out by now, it allows you to see any place on Earth. But it operates based on emotions. It shows you what you want to see. Its useful for when I need to try to track down a specific soul.

Die: Ah, so that explains why it showed me Arcadia. I do miss it so much already...I don't suppose there's any way you'd let me see it again, is there? At least let Layla know I'm ok? She must be so angry by now.

Lucian: No, you can't. There's a reason why I needed to take your soul before you powers fully awakened. You aren't human anymore and there's no way you could have lived among the humans at this point if you were still in the mortal realm.

Die: What?! What do you mean?
Lucian: You haven't noticed because the cold doesn't even affect you anymore but your body temperature has been gradually decreasing. To a normal human, touching you is like touching ice. Without being in full control of your powers, you could have very well accidentally froze someone to death just by being near them.

Die: ...you mean I could have killed Layla just by hugging her? My touch is that deadly?

Lucian: Humans aren't that tolerant to such an extreme temperature. Demons, on the other hand, aren't affected by such things. Which is why you're better off here.

Die: *pulls away from Lucian's hand* ...that's not the only reason is it?
Lucian: ?
Die: You wouldn't have cared enough about a few human deaths. There's some bigger reason why you wanted my soul then, isn't there?

Die: There was something else I saw in that mirror, wasn't there? And its why my powers suddenly got stronger.
Lucian: Perhaps...
Die: The dream I had...it was from her wasn't it? My previous life.
Lucian: *sighs* Yes, they were most likely memories.
Die: Then you're hiding something from me aren't you? There was so much sadness in that dream...but also anger. A lot of it.

Lucian: ...you should get some rest. You're still weak from the rush of power you got from that encounter. *walks out of the room*

Die: Of course. 'Cause that wasn't suspicious at all. *rolls eyes*

Die: ...

Also if you're thinking "hey, she forgot to photoshop some of the snow/ice in the later shots!" I was actually using less and less in each one on purpose to kinda try to show that it was melting. XD After all, its not that cold in Hell. lol

And not sure if anyone can tell but I actually managed to revive Die's wig before this story! I was really bugged by how awful his wig had gotten. Anyone who's seen him irl the last year or so knows that his wig has become this big fizzed fluffy mess. So I read online and found a method to defizz wigs. I was nervous but figured I couldn't make it any worse. And viola! Its A LOT better now. Not as good as new but its definitely a lot smoother and not as bad looking. Though you might have noticed that I didn't quite get the curves of his bangs right. XD It was hard getting them all to curve the same direction. Pffft. May have to try to curl them again later. But at least I got them to curl at all. I accidentally killed the slight curl on Michael's and Lucifer's ponytail sections of their wigs. x_x;; 'Cause both had gotten really fizzed too so figured I should fix that. But hey the lack of curl is a small price to pay for saving the wigs from looking hideous!
Cannot grab lasers with my psychokenesismana_blue_rose on January 13th, 2012 05:18 am (UTC)
You werent kidding when you said you revived his wig. It looks amazing.
And I really love both their in this story. The photoshopping is fine xP
fallen_arcadiafallen_arcadia on January 13th, 2012 05:45 am (UTC)
^.^ Oh good, I'm glad you can actually tell. I wasn't sure if it'd be noticeable from these photos since you can't see the back and that's where the biggest difference is.

And yay! ^^ Glad you enjoy it still. And lolololol my photoshopping is so ghetto and you know it. XD I was like "go go google images!"
Alyceofthelily on January 13th, 2012 03:13 pm (UTC)
I liked this one a lot. It was fun but moved the plot along. Die really is such a princess *^^*
fallen_arcadia: Dietrichfallen_arcadia on January 28th, 2012 05:22 am (UTC)
Hee! ^.^ Yeah, been trying to focus on the main plot more now. And eventually it'll start focusing more on my Angels and their plot but I still need to get a few more things for that first.