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26 May 2011 @ 01:33 am
Farewell Arcadia  
Evening at Arcadia...

Layla: So everything went well today at court. No thanks to you, of course.
Dietrich: ^^;; I tried...

Layla: Now lets see what I have in my report today... The neighboring kingdoms seem to have accepted us being back and have shown their support. Seems they didn't like Siegfried either. So we know there shouldn't be any problems there. Within the kingdom things seem to have settled down. Now about this month's harvest...*continues on about various matters*

Dietrich: ...uh huh.

Layla: ...and so what do you think we should do in this case?
Dietrich: Whatever you think is best.
Layla: ...Oi, Die! Are you even paying attention?

Dietrich: Of course I am.
Layla: Then repeat back to me what I just said.
Dietrich: Um...something about corn?

Layla: I was talking about wheat. x_x Come on Die, start taking this seriously.

Dietrich: I am. I'm just not very good at it. And besides that...

Dietrich: Should you really be having that much sugar this late at night?

Layla: Oh and your choice of snack is so much better? x_x;
Dietrich: Of course! Its always the right time for a drink. ^.^

Layla: *sighs* What am I going to do with you.
Dietrich: Maybe you should run this kingdom instead of me.
Layla: Oh come on Die, don't joke about things like that.

Dietrich: I'm serious though. You do a much better job at it than I. I don't think I was ever really cut out for this type of thing, to be honest.

Layla: That's true but doesn't change the fact you're the oldest. *yawn* Its getting late... *gets up*

Dietrich: *gets up as well* Yeah, probably should call it a night.
Layla: Alright. Night Die-

Layla: Whoa!?
Dietrich: Goodnight, Layla...

Layla: Hey what was that all about just now?
Dietrich: What? I can't hug my only sister?
Layla: You're being weird.
Dietrich: Aren't I always? ^_~ Night, Lay.
Layla: x_x Night, Die.

Layla: ...something's not right.

Later that night...





A few minutes later...
Dietrich: *walks back to his own room* Ah...

Dietrich: You even got all dressed up. Been a while since I've seen that outfit. Now I feel special.
Lucian: Don't flatter yourself too much. It's just tradition.

Lucian: Are you sure you don't want to say anything to Lady Layla first?
Dietrich: No. Its better this way. I know it may seem cruel but I know she'll forgive me for it. She'd probably lock me up if she knew anyways.

Dietrich: But I have one question. What...what exactly happens after...you know...?

Lucian: Ah, of course. Do not fear. All pure souls under my contracts go to Elysion and each has its own mini paradise.

Dietrich: So...no burning in Hell type of thing?
Lucian: *laughs* Oh please. That is a grand misunderstanding. Hell isn't the ugly place you all tend to think it is. That's only Inferno and only the truly rotten souls go there.
Dietrich: Ah...kay. So what happens to people when they die normally then?

Lucian: Heaven usually gets them as they tend to beat us to most souls. They then go to Purgatory to be judged and either left to roam there forever or are let into Eden. But Eden is so full these days, most end up in cold storage basically. Elysion is far better, believe me. Its just hard convincing people of that.

Dietrich: Ah...well that doesn't sound so bad then, I suppose.

Lucian: So, are you ready now?
Dietrich: ...no. But I don't really have a choice now, do I?
Lucian: Not really.

Lucian: Ah, I've waited a long time for this moment.
Dietrich: ...

Lucian: Now try to relax.
Dietrich: Easier said than done...
Lucian: I know.
Dietrich: I used to hate you but...I'm okay now with giving my soul to you. Only because it's you.

Lucian: *a bit surprised by that* ...why?
Dietrich: Because I...it really doesn't matter. J-just get it over with...
Lucian: ...Alright. There will be some pain but I assure you, it will be brief.

Dietrich: ...Lucian?
Lucian: Yes?
Dietrich: I trust you...




Lucian: Your soul really does shine brightly...

Lucian: At last. My mission is finally complete. This one took far too long.

Lucian: ...


To be continued...

Note: Don't worry, that's not the end. XD And I'll try to get the next part out soon as I can since I don't want to leave much of a gap between this and the next one. x_x Since they tie directly into each other.
fushigi_desufushigi_desu on May 26th, 2011 05:44 am (UTC)
damn you cliffhanger T_T
fallen_arcadia: Dietrichfallen_arcadia on May 27th, 2011 04:06 am (UTC)
^^;; Yeah sorry about that. But that's the way I've had it planned out for quite some time now. Though sadly probably won't get to the next part til next week 'cause I have work the next few days. x_x
Alyce: CCofthelily on May 26th, 2011 12:58 pm (UTC)
very interesting. I am anxious to see where you take it from here. Also, Die's kimono is awesome beyond words.
fallen_arcadia: Dietrichfallen_arcadia on May 27th, 2011 04:08 am (UTC)
Thank you~ ^^ I actually originally was trying to do something different with it but it ended up still looking like a kimono in the end. Pffft. But the actual front of it isn't like a kimono. Just the sleeves. I really fail at making creative things for the dolls (that's ya know, not just cosplay lol). The kimonos/robes seem to be the one thing I'm ok with. This is why I can't be a designer. x_x
Cannot grab lasers with my psychokenesismana_blue_rose on May 27th, 2011 04:02 am (UTC)
Even though I knew this was going to happen, I still feel sad ;; but irs exciting to start a new chapter in the arcadia story.
fallen_arcadia: Dietrichfallen_arcadia on May 27th, 2011 04:11 am (UTC)
Oh man I had been planning this scene out in my head for like 2 years now. So was a little nerve-wrecking finally doing it as I kept putting it off. Just 'cause I knew I wouldn't be able to do it how I saw it in my head. If I was better at photoshop, then Die's body would have actually faded in those last few shots but I'm not quite sure how to do that. lol So hope it still comes across ok. But yeah, it was a hard to do this one, in many aspects.
ClueQueencluequeen on June 2nd, 2011 03:26 pm (UTC)
=( aaww that's sad, and >_< OMG cliffhanger!!! how will I sleep at night?!?!?!?
Yeah I found a few places online that had dollfie clothing patterns, that's what I used for the outfit I made for Val I bet if you had something like that you could come up with other idea's for clothing.
I also need to go w/ my mom to work one day so I can play around w/ her photo copier cause I have a book to make dollhouse dolls clothing but I bet if I blew them up I could make them dollfie scaled. >:3 there's a Victorian walking dress I want to make for Marie!! and a suit for Val
fallen_arcadia: Dietrichfallen_arcadia on June 3rd, 2011 12:00 am (UTC)
Hee I'm actually just about to put up the next part after I write this comment. XD

I have a bunch of patterns and I do use those. That's not the issue. Its that I really suck at original outfits. Even in people size. I have no mind for design. But give me cosplay or some type of image and be all "make that!" and I can make it. I can replicate but not make unique stuff. And I don't really want to just copy outfits people have already made, especially in the dollfie world.

But feel free to share any patterns and anything helpful. Especially with female outfits actually as every time I try to make something for Layla...it doesn't come out right. lol I suck at doll sized dresses for some reason. ^^;; I think maybe just 'cause I haven't found good patterns for it. And it can be a SD pattern. I know how to scale SD down to MSD.