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08 June 2010 @ 12:39 am
Be warned...lots of fail photoshoping in this one...^^;; I tried...

Dietrich: *groans*

Siegfried: Heh, not so talkative now, are we? Had enough yet?

Dietrich: *smirk* What...this? Pfft, I've had paper cuts worse than this.

Siegfried: *pull* Why you little bitch.
Dietrich: Ow, not the hair, man!
Siegfried: Hmph, we shall see if you can still talk big after I carve up that pretty little face of yours.

Lucian: I wouldn't do that if I were you. I rather like his face the way it is.
Siegfried: ...heh.

Siegfried: Welcome, Mephistopheles. We've been waiting for you.

Dietrich: You're late. >_<

Lucian: I apologize, my prince. I had a rather annoying little delay.

Dietrich: Well, whatever. Just get me out of these chains already!

Siegfried: Hold on there, Mephisto. Are you sure you really want to save such a pathetic soul as that? My cousin fell for such an obvious trap after all. Knowing him, I bet he's one hell of a brat to deal with too. It's such a shame you have to listen to orders from such a brat. Forget about him and make a contract with me instead. I have power and my soul is much stronger than his. Together we could be invincible.

Lucian: Your soul...
Siegfried: Yes?

Lucian: ...is utterly revolting. It would soil the purity of Elysium. No, your soul belongs in the fires of Inferno.

Siegfried: How dare you. Rune!

Rune: I am here, my lord.
Siegfried: You know what to do.

Lucian: Hmph, you really think your "servant" here is enough to oppose me?
Rune: *smirks* Oh you are right, Mephistopheles. I am indeed no match for you. However...

Lucian: ...! *falls to his knees* Ow my head...what-

Siegfried: Heh. Did you really think I wouldn't be prepared for something like this? Really now, I thought you'd be smarter than this.
Dietrich: Lucian!

Rune: You may be able to cross through my main barriers with the extra boost of a contract but I made sure to set up an extra special one in this room just for you.

Lucian: ...a demon sealing stone. Heh, should have known they would have given you one. You rogues do like your dirty tricks, after all.

Siegfried: Hahaha! Everything has gone exactly according to the plan! You two really have made this far too easy, falling for all our traps like that. I was expecting a little more of a challenge. My cousin is stupid but I thought it'd be harder to trick Mephistopheles at least.

Siegfried: Ah, no matter though. Now I can expose your dirty little secret to the kingdom and be rid of you once and for all. As soon as they see this demon, you'll be sentenced to the same fate as your father. And then Rune, who has the ability to speak with the angels, will alert the Heavens that I have captured Mephistopheles.

Siegfried: I'll be blessed by the Heavens and finally Arcadia will be mine!

Lucian: Ha, you really think the angels will award you? They couldn't give a damn about you and your insignificant soul.

Siegfried: ...what did you say?
Lucian: They've been deceiving you all this time.
Siegfried: You lie.

Lucian: Heh, you really think your "friend" here actually cares? He's been lying to you all along. He's not some alchemist. Want to know why he can speak to the Heavens? Because he's an angel himself. His name isn't Rune. It's Azurian.

Siegfried: And why would Rune lie about being an angel? That makes no sense. Wouldn't such information make me believe him even more?
Lucian: That's because he's a rogue angel. Ever wonder why he never shows his face to you? Rogues are criminals, exiled from Heaven but permitted a chance to redeem themselves by carrying out Heaven's dirty deeds.

Siegfried: What is this nonsense he speaks of, Rune?
Rune: Lies, of course, my lord. He's trying to confuse you.
Lucian: //That's it...keep your attention on me, fools. Distracting you is far too easy.//

Siegfried: Ah, Rune, would you pass me my cloak? It's getting a bit chilly down here.

Rune: Of course, my lord. It has indeed gotten rather cold all of a sudden...wait a minute...cold?

Rune: Ahh! *drops the stone* My arm!

Siegfried: What?! *turns* You?! But how...you were chained up!

Dietrich: Hee. Yeah, about that. Handcuffs aren't very effective once they're turned to ice, ya know. They kinda...break.

Siegfried: You...Rune told me about your powers but said you wouldn't be this strong...*backs away* Your eyes...I always knew there was something freaky about you, even when we were little.
Dietrich: Oh, that's not nice to call me a freak, Sieg.

Rune: The stone...quickly I must-

*sounds of ice shattering*
Rune: Noooo!

...to be continued

So oh my god this was a long one. o_o;; Was going to make it 3 parts instead of 2 but couldn't find a good stopping point so you get this long part and the next one...not sure how long it'll be but probably shorter than this unless I add stuff to it.

But ugahawhiphpi so like originally Die was going to flip Sieg off in one of those earlier shots 'cause one of his extra hands would have actually worked if I had it at the right angle. BUT! Die's strings in his arms were too tight and when I tried to change the hands...ended up losing the string into his arm and took a lot of struggling just to get it back out so I gave up and just got his regular hand back on as I was too scared of how long it would take to put the extra hand on, take it off, and then get the regular one back on. Especially since in the process I ended up chipping his joint on the S-hook while trying to get the hand off and on. ...pretty badly actually to the point I had to sand it and this was my first time ever having to sand one of my dolls so it was pretty nerve wrecking. I'm still nervous about that spot now. So...don't know if I'll ever actually attempt to change his hands or at least not til his strings loosen up a bit. Not sure if I should try with Lucian or not. ...which sucks as I've always wanted excuses to use their extra hands. n_n

Though...I also made this discovery...

Die's definitely yellowed some. You can tell by comparing his regular hand to his extra hand, which used to match him exactly. T_T; I've kept the extra hands in that little trunk in Die's "room" so they haven't seen much sunlight. Granted...it kinda looks like he just lost some pinkness to him and is kinda "paler" in a way so maybe its a good thing? ^^;;
Alyce: Tomoyo and cameraofthelily on June 8th, 2010 03:12 pm (UTC)
I really didn't think this part was too long. It probably just felt that way too you because it probably took forever to put together.

And yesh the dreaded yellowing. I know poor Malta suffers but I don't care. I really have no desire to resell my dolls so they can get as yellow as they want and I will still love them. Though I do try to keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Die's really doesn't look that bad at least in the comparison photo.
fallen_arcadiafallen_arcadia on June 8th, 2010 09:09 pm (UTC)
Well usually I try to keep the stories in the 20-photo range and this one was 35. XD And like the next part won't be all that long so I had considered cutting this one off earlier and using the last few into the next part but there was like no good spot to cut it off at. Even this part was a little awkward but if I didn't it'd go on for like another 15 photos or so. XD And I needed a break from being bent over trying to balance them for several hours straight. Guh. Balancing 4 MSDs in one scene should not be that hard...and yet it is. 'Cause one always falls right when you get them all positioned. ...I fear for when I have all 4 SDs and want to do scenes with them....hahaha....ha. T_T

Yeah, its not bad enough that it bugs me. I was just surprised by it as I take such good care of them but I mean I have had Die for a pretty long time so it makes sense and i knew before this that he had yellowed some 'cause the um...privates area is slightly pinker than the rest of him, lol, which is kinda funny just 'cause it shows that that's like the only part of him that's normally covered regularly. I have been periodically magic erasing his whole body though as I've been told you can actually clean up some of the yellowing by doing so. You just have to do A LOT of it.

And I mean if I was able to use the hand, you wouldn't have been able to tell unless you were looking up close.
ClueQueencluequeen on June 8th, 2010 04:55 pm (UTC)
YEAH!!! You get him Die!!!! >>; and as soon as I get a chance I'll get that chair to you >>; my car is on it's final leg, and I can't chance getting stuck in town, it's a little too far for her to go these days.. .. ..
fallen_arcadiafallen_arcadia on June 8th, 2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
lol S'ok ^^ Though I was kinda wondering, so thanks for notifying me on it.

...poor car though. That sounds pretty sad.