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12 April 2010 @ 11:19 pm
Homecoming Part 1  

Walking on cobblestone roads I used to know...

Down familiar busy streets...

And yet I feel like a stranger to it all.

But at last...I am finally home.

Lucian: How does it feel to be finally back?
Dietrich: *pockets the necklace* ...a bit strange, actually. It's been so long now.

Dietrich: It's home...and yet it's not. Something feels different about it.
Lucian: Most likely because of the magic at work here. It's very strong. Even I wouldn't have been able to enter here without our contract. It allows me to sneak in with you unnoticed.
Dietrich: Huh...*sighs* Am I really ready to do this?

Lucian: Relax, my prince. *reaches for his hand*

Dietrich: ...?
Lucian: I am here with you so there's nothing to worry about.

Dietrich: ...you being nice like this makes me nervous.
Lucian: ...
Dietrich: Well, we're almost at the gates now so keep your hood down.

Guard: Stop right there! You aren't allowed to pass this point.
Dietrich: Oh?

Dietrich: Can you tell me why I'm not allowed to enter my own home, guard?
Guard: ...!! Prince Dietrich?! F-forgive me, your highness...we all thought you were dead.

Dietrich: Hmph. Well as you can see, I am quite alive. Now let me through.
Guard: Of course! I must go notify Lord Siegfried at once...
Dietrich: Yeah, you go do that. I need a word with my cousin.

Siegfried: Ah, Dietrich! What a pleasant surprise! I had believed you to be deceased.
Dietrich: So they keep telling me...sorry to disappoint you.

Siegfried: Oh dear cousin, what a relief it is to know you are safe. And I take it that means your sister is the same?
Dietrich: *nods*
Siegfried: So glad to hear it!

Dietrich: You certainly seem to have made yourself at home here...
Siegfried: Ah, I was merely looking after the kingdom in your absence.

Siegfried: My heart truly aches for your loss. Uncle was a great man and I will truly miss hi-

Dietrich: Oh cut the bullshit already, Sieg. You hated my father for exiling you after your mother tried to kill him. Quite interesting hearing how quickly you rushed back here once he was dead.

Siegfried: Surely you misjudge me. I swear that I did not in any sort support my foolish mother in her desire for the throne. I merely took on the responsibility I have as your closest relative. I assure you that I meant no harm in it.

Lucian: Heh. Sure you didn't.

Siegfried: And who is your friend here...?
Dietrich: Someone who's helped me during this time. Think of him...as sort of bodyguard.
Siegfried: Doesn't seem very trustworthy to me...

Dietrich: You're one to talk with your own mysterious friend here.
Siegfried: Heh, I suppose you have a point there. That's just Rune. He dresses oddly but he's nothing to worry about.

Siegfried: Now you must be tired from your journey here. I'd offer you your old room...but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to prepare it in time.
Dietrich: //Of course you don't. >_< You're probably using it for storage. Bet you've taken Dad's room as your own already too.//

Siegfried: Come, let me help you find a room to stay in and then in the morning we can talk. We have much catching up to do, cousin.
Dietrich: //...get your filthy hand off of me, you bastard.// *reluctantly lets himself be guided off*

Rune: ...
Lucian: ... *turns and follows Dietrich*

...to be continued.

PS: This is journal entry #100 XD
Cannot grab lasers with my psychokenesismana_blue_rose on April 17th, 2011 12:59 pm (UTC)
Woo 100! I love the Rune/Lucian stare down at the end. XD
I really like the dialouge. I wish you would write a story ver of Arcadia ~ It's such a cool fantasy story.
fallen_arcadia: Lucianfallen_arcadia on April 17th, 2011 05:44 pm (UTC)
I've thought of doing a written version before and I probably will 'cause there are parts of it that can't really be done with dolls. Just don't know when I will actually get around to doing it.