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23 March 2010 @ 08:04 pm
Siegfried's Declaration  

Siegfried: Dear citizens of Arcadia, I, Prince Siegfried, have come to you in your time of need.

Siegfried: I still cannot believe that my dear uncle was in reality an evil man practicing the dark arts.

Siegfried: It pains me to think of the horrible fate that has befallen this kingdom. For my aunt to have fallen to madness and the sudden disappearance of my cousins...it is all just too much.

Siegfried: But I must be strong. Even though it is a difficult task to take up, I will lead you in this time of despair. And if it is discovered that my cousins have met a terrible end, I will humbly take up my position as the new heir.

Siegfried: Those who fear my lineage due to my mother's...unfortunate circumstances...think no more of it. For look, I have been given a sign from the Heavens that it is my duty to take on this task.

Siegfried: So rest assure that your country is in good hands. And let us all pray for the safety of my cousins.

The citizens of Arcadia immediately accepted his offer, believing in his acts of benevolence and his firm leadership. Over the months many even began to think of him as their king, forgetting entirely about the true children of Arcadia. However, very few know of the prince's true face...

When night has fallen, he dons a cloak of black as he enters a secret passageway that leads to a hidden chamber where evil deeds have lurked for years...

Siegfried: Rune...where are you?

Rune: *manifests from the shadows* I am here, my lord.

Siegfried: Hmph. You're late.

Rune: Forgive me, my lord. But I had important business to attend.
Siegfried: Don't grovel. Just tell me what if you have anything new to report.

Rune: I do. Great news indeed. It appears that Mephistopheles has indeed been successful in making a contract with the Snow Prince and his powers have been growing by the day. I suspect they will finally make their move soon.

Siegfried: Is this so...? So the brat still lives, does he? Ha! Let him come. We are, of course, already prepared in case events did lead this way.
Rune: Yes, my lord. We will be ready for them.
Siegfried: Good.

Siegfried: *kneels* Oh mother, soon we will have our revenge! And the throne will finally be mine!

Rune: *ignores Siegfried's delighted yet somewhat crazed laughter*

Rune: ...foolish human.

PS: Siegfried is being played by Marissa's DollZone Aleister Xi, Kai, who she has let me borrow for this story. XD I tried to make him look a little less like Kai and more like Siegfried by combining parts of his outfit with stuff I own. Rune is being played by...lol well I think you can probably figure out who that is. XDXD

DOA Link: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?362592-Fallen-Arcadia-Siegfried-(DZ-Aleister-Xi-and-)&p=6131215
(Anonymous) on March 24th, 2010 12:21 am (UTC)
He definitely does not look or act like Kai which is good XD He seems like he is having fun playing the role though lol

It came out really good! Love the evilness XD Can't wait to see the next part!
fushigi_desufushigi_desu on March 24th, 2010 12:23 am (UTC)
oops, forgot to sign in XD
fallen_arcadiafallen_arcadia on March 24th, 2010 12:28 am (UTC)
XD And good to know! lol Is it weird seeing him like this? And btw, omg! he poses sooooo much better without that coat on. LOL I was all like "gah, he can't do anything!" and then when I changed his clothes, it was all "...well look at that. Now he can pose." XD Thus I had fun with his hands there as you can see. My favorite is still the one in the 3rd photo with his mock "Dramatic Anguish!" pose.
fushigi_desufushigi_desu on March 24th, 2010 12:55 am (UTC)
It's a little weird because I know Kai would have a similar attitude but yet it is a different character.
That coat is a little constricting, but it is still an awesome coat XD I could see that you had fun with his hands...I think Kai might be having a little too much fun playing this role too XD;