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15 September 2009 @ 02:45 pm
The Beauty of Earth  

Michael: *sneaking around* Raphael told me I shouldn't go to Earth alone and got angry about the last time...but...

Michael: ...its just too interesting. And it really doesn't seem that dangerous to me.

Michael: I'm the strongest Archangel in Heaven. Raph worries too much. What is possibly going to attack me here? Its too peaceful.

Michael: And there is so much beauty here. Sure, Eden looks nicer but...things never die there. While here, things age and change. Like this tree. *looks up* Its so huge! I wonder how old it is...

Michael: And it gives off such a gentle feeling. There's so much life to it. Unlike the trees in Eden which never change.

Michael: And what about a single flower?

Michael: So gentle. So fragile. It won't even live that long and yet something about that is exciting and amazing.

Michael: See, Earth isn't that bad. And really, aren't us Angels supposed to protect it anyways? *sighs* I don't see what the big deal is.

Michael: And when I'm here...I can closer to his realm and can feel him a bit better...even though I know I shouldn't think about him...

Voice from above: Heeeeeyooooo~!

Michael: *jumps back in surprise* Ah! Who's there?!

Layla: *giggles*

Michael: //A human...?// Oh...um...hello there, young maiden. You startled me.
Layla: Well that was what I was going for. You were totally spacing out there.

Michael: Well, yes...*coughs* You were quite successful there.
Layla: Come up and join me?
Michael: //Well...there really is no harm. I've never really interacted with a human before.//

Michael: So, why were you watching me?
Layla: 'Cause you're pretty and kinda remind me of someone.

Michael: Remind you of someone...?
Layla: Yup. And you're totally not human, aren't you?
Michael: ...eh? How could you tell?

Layla: *shrugs* Been around some rather strange people as of late. And besides, your height kinda gave you away. Us humans are kinda on the short side.
Michael: ...Oh. I should have realized that.

Layla: That and you looked lonely.
Michael: Lonely...? I...

Layla: Yup. I could totally tell. You have the same look in your eyes. So thought I'd go say hi so you wouldn't be.
Michael: ...same look? *blinks* Ah, uh, thank you...I think.

Layla: No problem. So, the question is, why are you so lonely?
Michael: //Should I really be talking to a human about this?// I...I really shouldn't be. I have brothers who love me dearly and I should be happy with them. Along with countless others who look up to me and are counting on me.

Layla: ...but?
Michael: I miss someone. Someone dear to me who I haven't seen in a very long time.
Layla: So why don't you go see him?

Michael: ...I can't. I mean, I already saw him for a little bit but I shouldn't have...its not allowed and things are different now.
Layla: Pfft. I'm sure you can still talk to him. Its obvious that's your intention but you keep getting scared and run off instead.

Michael: ...you're right. I do. But it's not such a simple thing...

Michael: And wait...how do you know I did that? And what did you mean by "the same eyes"? Do you by any chance...

Layla: *suddenly jumps up* Oh crap! The sun is starting to set. I promised Die I'd be back before dark. Sorry but I gotta go or my brother will think I've fallen into a bottomless pit or been abducted by purple aliens or kidnapped by Sweedish gypsies...though that last one would be kinda fun...but yeah, gotta go!

Michael: Ah, I understand. //...purple aliens?// It was nice meeting you, Miss...?

Layla: Its Layla! And it was nice meeting you too, Michael. Maybe next time you can show me your wings? *runs off*

Michael: ...?! Wait! How did you know...ah she's gone already.

Michael: Huh. What a strange girl.

The End~

And here's some extras...

First two extra shots of Michael that I liked:

Alternate sneaking around the tree shot, lol

Was going to use this smaller tree at first as I thought maybe it'd look more to scale with him but it was too tall for any branches to show in photos so seemed a bit silly with just the thin trunk.

Though argh, I hate how obvious the difference from his head and body is in some of the shots. x_x I sadly am not going to be able to do a lot of the story until I get his DOT body. Almost didn't do this one because of it but really wanted to do at least something since I have lots of ideas but can't do them at the moment because of missing various pieces needed.

And a bunch of Layla in the little dress I made her which I have NO IDEA where I got the inspiration from *cough* XP

And I may or may not have been inspired by a certain dream sequence with the design I may or may not have been influenced by when I came up with this photostory. XP

I had no idea what I was doing when I made the dress so happy with how it came out. It really was just a "hm, wonder if I can figure out how to make something like that, lets find out" spur of the moment thing. Trying to think of more things to make so I can figure out what I can and can't do before I start seriously thinking of commissions and junk.

Also, I got totally devoured by mosquitoes while doing this. x_x I have like...probably over 20 bites now. lol *cry* The things I do. But yeah, there are lots of big story parts in the work in my brain. You just might not seem them for quite a few more months while I get things ready as I'm trying to get the money to do such things. There's a body to buy, a few more outfits to figure out, need some eyes and wigs, furniture, etc. Blah.
Alyceofthelily on September 15th, 2009 10:54 pm (UTC)
I LOVE Layla's dress! it is tooooo precious for words! And I love this photostory. Michael has such a dreamy look to him, its like he's just in love with everything he's looking at *^^* And as always we just love Layla to little bits, she is spunky ^__^
fallen_arcadia: Laylafallen_arcadia on September 29th, 2009 01:02 am (UTC)
^_^~ Yay! (lol took me a while to remember to reply to this) Yes, Michael is quite precious. ^^ Really hope to get him a better body soon so he can finally feel actually complete as this body just doesn't work for him. lol

And I thought it was about time Layla took the spotlight a little more. XD
Jessen: [Kai] Pretty Eyed Baby_jessen_ on September 22nd, 2009 02:19 am (UTC)
awww Michael. I love that outfit of his so very much. And trees! <3
Loving this very much~ ^^
fallen_arcadia: Michaelfallen_arcadia on September 29th, 2009 01:03 am (UTC)
Well right now its his only outfit. lol Eventually I'll get him some more clothing. ^^; New body comes first though.