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01 April 2013 @ 08:58 pm
Dietrich In Wonderland - Part 2  
Part 1

Al-...er I mean Dietrich fell down and down the strange rabbit hole...which wasn't really a rabbit hole anyways. After what seemed like forever, he landed with a large thump...

Dietrich: ...ow.

Chapter Two - The Cheshire Cat

Dietrich: What the hell...

Dietrich: Where am I?
He looked up from where he came but could see nothing but darkness. There was no way he'd be able to climb back up that way at least.

Dietrich: *sighs* And no sign of that rabbit. Now I'm stuck here thanks to this stupid watch. Well, I can't go up but there must be some other direction to go. Clearly the rabbit must have gone somewhere around here. *looks around*

Dietrich: Hm? What's this?

Dietrich: Eat me? Drink me? ...really now?

Dietrich: There's no way in hell I'm going to just eat some random food. Its probably poisoned. And who knows how long its been here. Bet its moldy. Ew.

B-but if you don't, you'll never be small enough to fit through that door!
Dietrich: What door? *looks over* Oh that door? Pfft, I'm a MSD. I already AM small.

Oh...you have a very good point there. Well then, carry on...
Dietrich: Indeed I shall! Thanks for telling me where the door was.
Dietrich walked through the door and found himself in a room even stranger than the one before...

Dietrich: Um...k. Now this is making me dizzy.

Dietrich: And where did the door go? It was right behind me and now its gone.

Dietrich: And what's with all the playing cards?

Dietrich: Hey, Mr. Voice-In-My-Head, now would be a great time to narrate me another door! ...hello? Um...no? Well, fine then! I'll just find one on my own.

Dietrich walked in one direction but eventually came to a dead end.

He walked the other direction but found nothing but another dead end.

Dietrich: *slams hands against wall* Oh come on! There's got to be some way to get out of here!

Dietrich: *flops down in frustration* I'm going to have to have a serious word with that rabbit if I ever find her. At least put a warning sign on magical holes that go nowhere!

Dietrich: ...I'm stuck here forever, aren't I? There's just no way out.

Dietrich was just about to give up hope when he suddenly heard a strange laugh echo throughout the room.
??: But there's always a way out.
Dietrich: Eh? Who said that? Is there someone here?

??: Of course there's "someone here". I'm always here.

Dietrich: Woah! *falls back in surprise* When did you suddenly get there? There was nothing there just a few seconds ago!

Dietrich: ...and what are you? A...cat?

??: *rolls his eyes* I'm a Cheshire Cat, of course. And what are you, dear Alice, a kangaroo I suppose?

Dietrich: Haha, very funny. x_x And my name's not Alice! Its Dietrich. But seriously, what are you doing here?

Cheshire Cat: What am I doing here? How rude! I can be anywhere I chose to be. The correct question is what are you doing here?

Dietrich: Oh, I'm uh, trying to find this rabbit girl. You wouldn't have happened to have seen her, would you?

Cheshire Cat: A rabbit huh?

Dietrich: Yeah, a rabbit...uh hey, what are you...
Cheshire Cat: *gradually moving closer*

Cheshire Cat: It sounds...

Cheshire Cat: *leans forward*

Cheshire Cat: ...delicious.

Dietrich: *shoves the cat off and scoots backwards, knocking his hat off* Woah woah there!

Dietrich: *dusts hat off* Um...er...anyways...forget about the rabbit.

Cheshire Cat: *licks his lips with a smirk* Heh~

Dietrich: Earlier you said something about a way out?

Cheshire Cat: *stretches* Did I?

Dietrich: Yes, you did. And I'd very much like to get out of this room but no matter where I go, I just run into another damn wall.

Cheshire Cat: *sighs* Well you are no fun. I was hoping you'd stay and play~
Dietrich: *coughs uncomfortably*

Cheshire Cat: You're too preoccupied looking for things that don't exist. A door here or there. Walking to the right or to the left.

Cheshire Cat: *stands up* When the correct path is right in front of you.
Dietrich: ...huh?

Cheshire Cat: *points* See? The path is literally right in front of you.
Dietrich: ...oh. You're right. Look at that. There's a path right there. ...was that always there? O_o?

Cheshire Cat: Hmph.
Dietrich: Not like it matters. Its a way out and that's all that counts! Thank-

Dietrich: ...you? *blink*

To be continued...
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