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10 December 2011 @ 01:18 pm
The Past Part 2 - Raphael  
Heaven was once guarded by the two twin angels, Lucifer and Michael...

For many years, the two ruled Eden together with no knowledge of what lay beyond the white gates.

Though they had each other, they couldn't help but feel a sense of loneliness at the idea of being the only two creatures in this quiet and empty world. They spent their time creating things, such as clothing and plants. But these things were no real substitute for something living and breathing. So the twins spent most of their time wandering the Heavens, in hopes of finding...something...

And one day, they finally did...

Lucifer: ...I think I heard something just now...
Michael: I did too! I think it came from over there!
Lucifer: Be careful, we don't know what it is.
Michael: Oh come on, we've been searching all this time and now that there might actually be something, now you're hesitant?
Lucifer: I'm just saying...

Michael: Look! Feathers! Like ours.

Michael: Do you think it could be another angel like us?
Lucifer: *nods* Maybe. But we should still be careful.
But Lucifer couldn't help but feel just as excited as his brother at the idea that they may no longer be alone.

And sure enough, a new angel had been born...

Michael: I was right! It really is another angel!

Lucifer: Is that how we looked like when we first came here? So fragile looking...
Michael: I wonder what he'll be like! Oh! He's starting to wake up.

The new angel slowly opened his eyes. Like his brothers before him, he was confused and scared, born without any knowledge of who he was...

??: *shifts* ...huh? Wha...?

Michael: Its alright, you're safe here.

??: *sits up and looks around curiously*

??: Who...what am I?

Michael: You're an angel, just like us. And this is Eden.

??: Angel?
Michael: *smiles* Its ok, there's nothing to be afraid of. We don't know much either but together we can figure it out.

??: ...we? *looks up*

Lucifer: Um...hi?
??: !!!

??: *scoots away in fear*
Michael: Lucifer! *sighs* Look what you did. You scared him away!

??: *backs away into a corner*

Lucifer: What? I didn't do anything!
Michael: You startled him!
Lucifer: I didn't mean to...
Michael: You're too intimidating. Try kneeling like I am and be a little softer with your voice.

Lucifer: Like this? //And since when did you become an expert at this anyways? >_>//
Michael: That's better. Now lets try this again...

Michael: Its okay. We didn't mean to scare you. Now please come out.

??: *looks over, unsure*

??: ... *reluctantly comes back over*
Michael: There, see, he's not so scary now, right?

Michael: My name's Michael.
Lucifer: ...
Michael: *nudge* Oi.

Lucifer: Oh. Um, and my name's Lucifer.
Michael: And we're your older...uh...brothers! I think that's the word. Do you know what your name is yet?

??: My name...? ...Ra...Raphael...

Michael: Its good to meet you, Raphael! *smiles gently*

Raphael: *stares at Michael* //So pretty...//

Michael: Isn't this exciting? We're no longer alone now! And we have so much we can teach him.
Lucifer: Ah, right...
Michael: Hm? Is something wrong? Aren't you excited too?
Lucifer: Huh? Oh, of course I am. This is just so very new and different.

Michael: Don't worry, things will be even better now! We can teach him together. *smiles*
Lucifer: *smiles back* Yes, together.

Raphael: *intently watching the exchange*
Even though Raphael didn't know much at this time, he could still sense that he was different than his brothers. He could see they had a special bond they shared as twins that he would never be able to understand...

And Jealousy was born...

To be continued...

Happy Birthday, Raphael! Though I'm not really sure how old to call him...XD 'Cause I've had his head 2 years now but his body for only 1. So how old does that make him? O_o Anywho, felt it was a good opportunity to do this part of the Flashback arc. I originally intended for them all to wear their wings (even rushed to make a 3rd pair for Raph) but the wings straps were too obvious and awkward looking on the ghetto outfits I made for Micha and Luci so it was better to do without. XD Also you probably can tell when I lost natural light and had to rely on artificial. x_x;; Yesterday, when I shot this, was kinda hectic and I was quickly losing time to do it but didn't want to rush it (you can't really rush a story involving 3 SDs anyways as they're extra hard to pose together, a lot more than MSDs). So hope its not too awkward. ^^;;

And here are a few extra shots of the birthday boy:

I totally didn't notice I skipped a button til after I was editing these photos. Oops!

Here he is, back to the present-day Raph we're more familiar with. XD So odd seeing him act so innocent in this story, isn't it?

Next I'll probably be going back to the MSD story for a little while. Now that it's finally getting cold out, Die's story can continue. But also need to buy a few things for both stories before I can go too much further. Man I spend way too much money on these guys. XD

...I probably should actually make profiles in my userinfo for both Raph and Gab soon. ^^;; Keep forgetting to do that.
Cannot grab lasers with my psychokenesis: orly ya rlymana_blue_rose on December 11th, 2011 01:37 am (UTC)
This was really fun! Raph is so adorable all nakied and fragile.
Also, i like how envy was born from Raph >D;;
fallen_arcadia: Raphaelfallen_arcadia on December 11th, 2011 01:49 am (UTC)
Hee~ Yes, poor Raph, jealous from the very beginning.