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12 January 2011 @ 09:42 pm
Love and Hate  
In Hell...

Lucifer: *patiently waits*

Lucian: *enters the room* My lord...

Lucifer: Ah, Lucian. There you are.
Lucian: You summoned me...?

Lucifer: Yes. It's been a while since you've reported in. I was beginning to worry.

Lucian: Forgive me, things have been quite busy on my end. A rogue angel tried to interfere with Arcadia but all things have been resolved. Everything goes as planned.

Lucifer: Hm, so Raphael was indeed involved. As I had thought. Though seems like you finished things there a while ago. I can't help but be curious. It's not like you to take this long to finish a job.

Lucian: Forgive me for that, Lord Lucifer. I did not mean for that to happen. I swear I will finish this contract soon.

Lucifer: *sighs* I'm not angry at you, Lucian. Just a bit concerned.

I can sense that my brother is about to make his move and we will need all the strength we can so we'll be ready for it.

Lucian: I understand. We don't have much more time left. I will end things soon. *turns and leaves*

Lucifer: ...And I'm even more worried about you, Lucian. You continue to hide your feelings behind that cold mask of yours ever since that time. You weren't always that way...

Back on Earth...

Lucian: Now I just need to find that prince. It's snowing so I imagine he must be out here somewhere.

Dietrich: Finally managed to escape! Ugh, getting tired of having everyone pester me already. Lay will kill me for leaving her alone to deal with everything but I just couldn't take it anymore. x_x

Dietrich: ...? What's this? Something buried in the snow.

Dietrich: I crown of some sort?

Dietrich: Strange...it seems familiar somehow.

Lucian: Ah, there he is. ... *frowns as he notices the crown* Shit. Damn sprites trying to interfere again.

Dietrich: Oh, hey Lucian. Look what I found in the snow.

Lucian: *grab*
Dietrich: Hey, I found it first!

Lucian: *toss*
Dietrich: Oi! What the hell are you doing?!

Dietrich: *runs over to get it* ... *blink* Wait a second...could have sworn it landed over here...where the hell did it go?
Lucian: Believe me, its not worth trouble.

Dietrich: What do you mean? What was that all about?
Lucian: Nothing.

Dietrich: Nothing my ass! You're hiding something from me, aren't you?
Lucian: ...

Dietrich: I'm tired of this. Despite how long its been since you came, you still haven't told me anything. Like who am I really? That whole Snow Queen thing, right? Who was she...me...whatever? Did you know her? You must have if Lucifer previously had her soul, right?

Lucian: *shrug* There really isn't anything to say.
Dietrich: You're lying. You did know her.
Lucian: So what if I did? It doesn't matter.

Dietrich: It does to me! I deserve the right to know who I am. Now tell me. I command you to!

Lucian: ...

Dietrich: *takes a nervous step backwards* Um...Lucian?

Lucian: *shove*
Dietrich: Ah! What the hell?!
Lucian: Shut. Up.

Lucian: I'm sick and tired of dealing with you. I gave you what you want. I freed your kingdom. Now its time you held up your part of the bargain. I'm sick of waiting for you. Lucifer is growing impatient. I should just rip that soul out of you right here and now.
Dietrich: You wouldn't...
Lucian: Would I? It would be easy... *reaches*

Dietrich: Get off of me, demon! *smack*
Lucian: Why you little brat! How dare you attack me!

Lucian: You really think you can run away from me?

Lucian: *grabs and pulls*
Dietrich: Ah! Let go, bastard!

Lucian: Oh you made a big mistake by pissing me off, human. This ends here. Now.

Dietrich: Fine! Then do it. Get it over with!

Lucian: ...
Dietrich: ...well?

Lucian: ...I can't.
Dietrich: ...what? After all of that...you can't? *sneers*

Dietrich: Ha...s-stupid demon...*trembling*

Lucian: *sighs* Not like this. This isn't right. Lucifer told me centuries ago that I was never to take a pure soul by force.

Dietrich: Heh. So that's all it is, huh? Just because your beloved master ordered you to. That's all any of this is, isn't it? I'm just another soul for your collection. Nothing more...

Lucian: ...you're crying.

Dietrich: No, I'm not. *wipes eyes*

Lucian: Dietrich...I...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you...*reaches out*

Dietrich: *flinches away* Leave me alone...
Lucian: ... *silently leaves*

Dietrich: *sniffs* ...I hate you...

Side Notes: Annnd the angst begins. ^^;; I actually had been wondering for a while on how to make a doll cry and pffft lo and behold the snow provided! Get a doll's face wet with snow and let it melt a little and viola! XD *cough*
Cannot grab lasers with my psychokenesis: shocked rabi face (from jen <3)mana_blue_rose on April 17th, 2011 01:50 pm (UTC)
Awwww, noo. Die and Lucian haven't had a lover's spat in a long time. Poor Die ;;
fallen_arcadia: Dietrichfallen_arcadia on April 17th, 2011 06:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah I felt soooo bad for him while doing this shoot ;_;