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19 March 2010 @ 09:33 pm
Arcadia was once a prosperous kingdom ruled by a wise and gentle king...

The king had two children. Dietrich and Layla. As the eldest, Prince Dietrich was next in line for the throne.

But not all was well and good. For the king had secretly made a contract with a demon in order to keep his land thriving. While he had good intentions, only wanting to keep his people happy and safe, this ultimately lead to his downfall.

The people eventually discovered their king had been dwelling in the dark arts. And rose up against him.

The king was beheaded, betrayed by the people he tried to protect. A magic barrier was put in place around the kingdom so that the demon would not be able to interfere.

Thus the demon was unable to obtain the king's soul. But it mattered not to him...

Because in reality he had made the contract with the king only so he could wait and watch as the soul he was truly after matured. The king's death, while not his original intention, ended up being beneficial to the demon.

The prince and princess fled the kingdom during the uprising, even though they did not know why. The queen had managed to sneak them out of the palace but gave no explanation, only that they must remain hidden until she sent for them.

Neither knew of the dark plot that had been secretly woven behind their backs.

Their cousin, Prince Siegfried, stepped up to take "temporary" rule over the throne.

It was he who had discovered the king's secret and led the uprising against him. Determined to get the throne for himself.

Now he rules over Arcadia with the aid of a mysterious figure in black who's identity remains unknown.

Scared and confused, the Arcadia siblings waited in their hiding place but no word from their mother ever came...

Lucian, also known as the demon Mephistopheles and Lucifer's second in command, eventually made his move. He came to the prince and told him of the true events that happened at Arcadia. He offered to help the prince get his kingdom back if he agreed to make a contract with the demon. The prince refused but the demon remained, determined to persuade him.

Dietrich's soul previously belonged to the Snow Queen, of Earth's Elementals. Lucifer once sought after the Elementals' souls and had eventually managed to obtain the Snow Queen's. Outraged at being tricked, the Queen's snow spirits stole the soul back and so that Lucifer would not be able to find it again, hid the soul in a human container. Lucian was sent to search for this container and retrieve the soul.

But this proved to be more difficult than the demon thought it would be...

At first the two completely hated one another. Dietrich did not trust the demon one bit and Lucian found the prince to be an obnoxious brat.

But eventually Dietrich realized the only way he could ever save Arcadia was to give into the demon's demands and made a contract with Mephistopheles.

As time passed, Dietrich began to awaken to his powers as the new Snow Prince while Lucian observed, waiting for the prince to be strong enough before they made their move on Arcadia.

But somewhere along the way, the prince truly became fond of the demon even while he knows Lucian is only after his soul. The demon seems to have become attached as well though he has yet to realize what his feelings for the prince truly are.

And so the story continues...

DOA link: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?361659-Fallen-Arcadia-Prologue-(DOC-U-H.Kirill-Leya-DZ-Aliester-Xi)
Alyce: Dollfie Gwyn silver maidenofthelily on March 20th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
I really love this prologue. I also think it was a good idea for you to organize all of the story in a journal entry at the top of your journal for easy access. When I am not trying to be a virtuous chu and work on lecture notes, I will probably go back and reread some of the chapters *^^*
fallen_arcadiafallen_arcadia on March 23rd, 2010 10:15 pm (UTC)
^.^ Yeah, I figured that might make it a little easier for those who haven't been around since I started this thing and a way to make nicer photos to represent the background stuff.

...though gah I debated whether or not to link some of them as the early ones are so badly done. XDXD lol